Quilt Chatter April 2011

Volume 23 Issue 4

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From Our President…
April brought us a lot of showers and even now as I’m writing this there is a soft rain outside my school library windows. My students are all reading quietly and I’m wishing I was home in my sewing loft working on a quilt (or maybe taking a nap)!

Only 14 days left until retirement and I should have plenty of time to sew and nap.

Don’t forget about Birthright’s Super Shower, May 7, at the Jackson Knights of Columbus. I’m sure everyone that went to the Paducah Quilt Show had a delightful time. My daughter and I went together for the first time and we had a wonderful time, except we spent too much money! (sound familiar?)

I enjoyed Lisa’s program last month. I like the descriptive, “free quilt”, and of course, my husband does too!

I hope you take some time off from sewing and drive around and look at all the beautiful trees and flowers. Trail of Tears is a wonderful place to go for a drive and picnic.
Enjoy the month,

Your Quilt Shop http://yourquiltshop.net/ will be having a BUS TRIP in September. They are going to see Lynette Jensen in Hutchinson, Minnesota and stopping at 9 different quilt shops up and back. They only have room for 12 more people…….call the store for details!

 Breast Cancer Pillows:
 I have LOTS of batting so if you’ll just make them and bring to the May meeting, I will stuff!!!



Little Dresses for Africa update:

GOAL:   500

Finished:  369

Cut out:   75



May Program:   Artist Karen Linduska is our special guest for the May meeting. She will be presenting a program on Painting with Thread.  She comes to us from the Calico Country shop in Carbondale, Illinois.  For more information on Karen please visit her webpage at www.karenlinduska.com The meeting will be held at the Cape Girardeau Public Library starting at 6:45 PM.



April Program: The April meeting will be held at the Church of Christ on the corner of South West End Blvd. and Bloomfield Road. Our special guest is Lisa Grossenheider, who will be presenting a program on Border Basics. Lisa is a well known instructor from Jackman’s Fabric in St. Louis. We know that this will be very informative meeting and fun to see the items she will be showing.

SIGN UP FOR THE JUNE 12 Workshop:  Donna Drees, who is giving our June program, is giving a workshop on Sunday June 12.   See Mary Green for details.  She will have sign up forms at the meeting.

Fat Quarter
Bring a yellow (no novelty prints please) fat quarter to the meeting and you can win them all. 

Block of the Month from the April Meeting and Directions for What to Bring to the May Meeting

Paper patterns were available at the guild meeting, and the patterns are on the guild website.  http://riverquilters.org/bom.htm


Measure your blocks please, because there is a possible distortion when you print from the Internet.


If you make a block and bring it to the meeting, your name will be entered into a drawing.  The tulip blocks will be in one drawing, and the high heel shoes will be in a separate drawing. If you bring a tulip block, your name will entered to win all the tulip blocks.  If you bring a high heel shoe block, your name will be entered to win all the high heel shoe blocks.


If you bring both a tulip and a high heel shoe block, you can enter your name in both drawings.


The tulip block might shrink up with the appliqué process, so start with at least a nine inch square.   You can start larger, center your appliqué, and then trim down to eight and one half inches.   The tulips will be eight inch finished blocks.


The high heel shoe block will be six and one half inches when you make it, and six inches in the finished quilt.


Rebecca Web and Joan Meyer are chairs of the Block of the Month committee, so contact them if you have questions.


If you do not trust links in email, I hope you have the guild website bookmarked.  If not, you can Google “river heritage quilt guild” and we are the first link to pop up.   There is a Block of the Month link on our home page.


Hope you are also making Little Dresses, pillowcases or cancer pillows.  We are so blessed if we have fabric to sew for fun, so it is nice to give a little back for others.  The patterns for Little Dresses for Africa and pillowcases are links on our home page.  Darla Snider will provide you with easy directions for making a cancer pillow, or a pattern if you need it.   Thank you to all those who have in the past and continue to make those items for those in need. 


                                                       RHGQ Meeting Minutes, April 11, 2011

At 6:45 Vicky Howard, president, called the April 11 meeting together at the Church of Christ meeting room in Cape Girardeau with 61 members and 1 new member, Cindy Gordinier, present.

A correction to last month’s minutes was made by Lynnore Meyer.  The celebration last month was in honor of the Guild’s 22nd birthday.  The motion to approve the minutes was made by Madeline Gieselman and seconded by Vonda Slinkard.


Membership pins were given to 5, 10, 15 and 20 year members by President Howard. It was noted the Guild started in 1989.


Block of the Month by Joan Meyer and Rebecca Webb—a new appliqué and a new pieced block will be used this month and will be placed on the website early.  Anyone completing a block will be eligible for a drawing  to win  the blocks.


May meeting will be held at the Cape Public Library.

Madeline Gieselman announced the State Quilt Show is the same weekend as the Paducah Quilt Show.

Madeline also wanted input into the Guild making a new cookbook.  It was voted to have a new cookbook with new recipes.  She asked for 6 to 8 volunteers to help and received enough volunteers.

President Vicky Howard offered 2 members an invitation to attend an event on April 25 to  honor the Paducah Quilt Museum. 

Lynne Taylor’s miniature quilt has been accepted into the Paducah Quilt Show.

Saphrona Brewington announced her bus still has available seats to the Paducah Quilt Show. 

Betty Phillips is offering a summer class on the Mariner’s Compass. 

Little Dresses for Africa is going well with 82 dresses brought tonight. 

Darla Snider reported 47 breast cancer pillows have been donated at this time.

Nancy East for Community Projects thanked the Guild for their help.  All quilts have been taken to be quilted at this time.  She brought bags of material and requested members take a bag and make a top.

Lynnore Meyer showed a sample pieced project of the English paper piecing to be used in a mini auction quilt and asked for members to help assist by completing their pieced projects. 

Barb Miller has a new pattern being showcased in Quilter’s World spring/summer issue.

April birthdays were celebrated with an Easter basket of goodies and fat quarter by Joan Meyer and Caroline Tilghman.


Winners of the Drawings:  Name Tag, Kay Kenner; Fat Quarters, Nancy Pleimann (33); Stash for Cash, Nancy Pleimann ($32.50);

Door Prizes, Lynne Taylor, Nancy Bishop, Darla Snider, Nancy East, and Vonda Slinkard


Program:  Lisa Grossenheider presented an informative program on borders for quilts.  She demonstrated many techniques such as mitered corners, pieced borders, scalloped borders, prairie points, asymmetrical borders, etc.  She gave each member a helpful handout to take home for future reference and a coupon to Jackman’s Fabrics in St. Louis. 


Show and Tell:  Ravan Simms, Nancy Pleimann (4), Marie Todd, Dee Roe Carter (2), Mary K. Reed (6), Lynnore Meyer, Carol Gallaher and Lynnore Meyer, Darla Snider (5), Karla Kiefner, Vickie Howard


Respectfully submitted,
Betty Meyer, Secretary


 ~ How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

                    --Anne Frank


News from Madeline Gieselman

New Cookbook in the Making:

The Recipe Book Committee has been formed and will soon have news about our new recipe book.  This will be a brand new edition with all new recipes.   Please be thinking of some special recipes that you would like to submit.  See Madeline if you have any questions.

Annual Picnic at Madeline’s: The annual picnic at Madeline's is rapidly approaching.  It will be on Monday, June 27.  The meat will be provided, just bring a dish to share.  There will be a signup sheet at the May and June meetings.  Looking forward to another fun time.


Invitation to Dinner before the Meeting:  Several of the guild ladies meet at 5 pm at Panera to eat together before the meeting.  Please come join the fun.



More from Vickie Howard:

Vickie received a flyer that says if you join the Fiber Club they will send you a free box of batting and pillow samples.   After you register, you will eventually get to a screen that has a box for the code.

website:  http://www.thefiberclub.com/

promo code:   NAY1110


News from Darla Snider

    As of April 11, 47 heart pillows have been delivered to the American Cancer Society since the March meeting. Great Work, Quilters!! At the April Guild meeting 4 pillowcases and 3 Angel quilts were turned in and delivered to Southeast Hospital. The above items can be donated at any time during the year. Please feel free to bring them to any Guild meeting or deliver them yourself.



Guild Historian Pictures are online:





Madeline Gieselman found a baby quilt inspiration:  http://tinyurl. com/4ax832t  She’s going to make the one they call a “picnic” quilt for a baby gift.


Rebecca Webb found a website dedicated to the quilts of the Civil War Era:


Watch a video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ot7Trk6J2Vw


Watch a video on YouTube with Jenny Doan’s method:





When chain piecing, tape an open grocery sack to the back of your sewing table.  The pieces will fall into the sack as they go off the table.




Mix a few drops of plain vinegar with distilled water.   Moisten the crease using a cotton swab before you iron.


Want to make a Mystery Quilt but don’t have time to take a Mystery Class:







Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life
~ Unknown


Blessed are those who can give without remembering, AND TAKE WITHOUT FORGETTING.

              ~ Princess Elizabeth,, Asquith Bebesco


Quilt Shows and Other News
Find a quilt show:

When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.
--Eleanor Roosevelt


May Birthdays
2-Clara Friese
3-Sandy Hinton
3-Priscilla Kirby
5-Jewel Eggley
5-Dorothy Pensel
10-Anastasia Gonzales
11-Kay Ellen Grueneberg
13-Lynnore Meyer
17-Madeline Gieselman
27-Marilou Shaner

2011 Officers
President—Vickie Howard
Vice President—Lynnore Meyer and Sally Miller
Secretary—Betty Meyer
Treasurer—Glenda Nations
Historian—Madeline Gieselman
2011 Committee Chairman
Audit—Barb Miller
Community Projects—Nancy East
Hospitality— Carol Gallaher
Membership—Nancy Pleimann
Yearbook/Publicity—Sally Miller
Pattern of the Month—Joan Meyer and Rebecca Webb
Quilt Show— Madeline Gieselman (2012)
Opportunity Quilt—Anastasia Gonzales and Merle Deneke
Special Events — Mary Green
Newsletter/ Website—Linda Tansil

Upcoming Guild Activities….
Guild Meeting
May 9, 6:45 pm
Cape Public Library

Kentucky Lake Retreat
March 9—12, 2011

Quilt Show
2012 Theme: Dresden Plate

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