River Heritage Quilters’ Guild      Quilt Chatter
Volume 21 Issue 7               www.riverquilters.org              July 2009


 From Our President…


Hi ladies-

Can you believe half of the year is gone?  Where did it go?  I sure don’t have much to show for it, I hope you are doing better.  I have slacked off on finishing projects.  I seem to be busy doing other things.  Lots of trips to St Louis and then May is a very busy month for our family.


I took Judy Robinson’s suggestion about meeting at the library and went over to talk to them.  They have a wonderful room that we could use.  There is no cost, but we have to be out by 9PM when the library closes.  There is lots to discuss so we will do so at the July meeting.  We will vote on whether we should make this change.   Please be thinking about suggestions for what to do with our library (the public library has no storage area for us), what to do about refreshments and any other questions you may have.  I have received many suggestions from the board members, but am happy to listen to everyone.  Feel free to e-mail me or call if you need more information.  This move would also get us out from under the Senior Meals obligation; however, I would hope that we have some members that would volunteer outside of the guild.  I know Muriel and I will continue.  We have grown very fond of lots of the Seniors and who knows, we may be depending on someone to deliver meals to us one of these days!


I loved our program on soap and almost feel like I could try it myself, just one more thing to do!!!   Barb is certainly an industrious young woman and I applaud her.

Congratulations to all who received membership pins.  It is members like you,  that keep coming to guild, that make our guild such a special group.  For those of you that couldn’t make the meeting, I will have the pins in July and until they are all given out.

Enjoy your summer.  I planted some tomatoes and peppers in containers on my deck and am thrilled with my “baby produce”.  I got a tomato plant for my grandson in St Louis and he is thrilled with his flowers and is watching for the tomatoes.


Happy quilting,


 The next IRON QUILTERS class  is August 3rd.   


July Program:   Methods of marking your quilts.   This meeting is still at the Senior Center, but we will be discussing the notion of meeting at Cape’s Public Library which is just down the street from the Senior Center.

 The Opportunity Quilt will be on display at the July meeting.  Members will also be able to pick up their books of tickets to sell.  If you cannot be there, contact Mary Green or Barbara Miller.



July Hospitality:   


SNACKS:  Priscilla Kirby, Sally Miller, Sue LaBruyere, Ruth LaClair, Muriel LaMadrid, Patti Lessmann, and Pat Lester.

DRINKS:     Monica Lewis, Cookie Little, Frieda Lorenz, Chris Ludwig, Joan Meyer, and Lynnore Meyer.

It is suggested that each person bringing drinks should bring two 2-liter bottles.



If you are unable to bring your assigned item, please call Darla Snider.


 RHQG Meeting Minutes, June 13 2009 

Meeting opened at 7pm by President Madeline Gieselman


Old business:

Box of AQS magazines available free for taking at the front table.

Information available for upcoming Quilt cruise to England.


Minutes for May approved: Muriel LaMadrid             Second:  Darla Snider


No treasurers report available for May:


New business:

Fat quarter winner:   Cheral Benthal  (20 quarters)

Name tag:  Kay Kenner

Stash for cash:   Mary Green  (18.50)

Attendance:   Carol Gallaher


Picnic in 2 weeks at Madeline’s house.  Meet at Pioneer Market in Jackson to carpool at 5:30

May birthdays recognized :  10

June birthdays recognized:  11

Vote taken to permanently move annual picnic from Sept. to May-  approved

Quilt frame belonging to Guild not for sale, but available to borrow.  More information at next meeting

Opportunity Quilt from the Sikeston Quilt Guild displayed and chances are available for sale tonight.


Committee reports:

Hospitality:  Great response this evening-  Hostess needed for Quilters’ Dinner Out evening


Membership:  57 present this evening with 2 guests.

Recognition for membership:  5 yr : Judith Fosse   Muriel LaMadrid   Pam Mungle   Sandy Wilhelm

10 yr.  Mary Peters    Mary Tripp     15 yr:   Carolyn Andrews     20 yr:   Merle Deneke   Nancy East   Jewel Eggley

Lois Emerine   Mary Lou McNair   Joan Meyer   Betty Murray   Glenda Nations   Nancy Pliemann   Judy Robinson

Vonda Slinkard   Jeannie Soellner   Nelda Steffen   Marjorie Suedekum   Linda Tansil   Lynne Taylor   Frieda Lorenz


Opportunity Quilt:  Being machine quilted and soon ready to show.


Library:  New books and patterns recently donated are ready to be checked out!


Senior Meals:  Volunteers are still needed:  Announcement was made the new Cape Library has a meeting room available free of charge.  It would no longer be necessary to volunteer for delivery of meals.  Madeline will visit the library and find out more information.


Newsletter:  Linda Tansil has reported 5 emails have bounced back. Need updated information. Sign up for mailed copies.


Special Events:  Projects are displayed from special events this month.  Vote at break for your favorite.  Theme was flowers, secret ingredient - recycled.  First place - Rita Whaley, Second-Carolyn Tilghman, Third -Lynne Taylor, Fourth - Madeline Gieselman.


Pattern of the month:  Vickie reported the exchange is taking place.  Be sure to pick up your gift.


Program: Barb Bailey from Marble Hill area presented an interesting and informative talk on her pure, homemade  goats milk soap.  She explained the process, the ingredients, the fragrances, and the benefits of using pure soap.  Her many varieties are available for sale. 


Show and Tell:  Velda Keister, Carolyn Tilghman, Joycelyn Kasten, Merle Deneke, Saphrona Brewington, Sandy Wilhelm, Pat Lester, Vickie Howard, Dorothy Pensel


Meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm

 Respectfully submitted,

 Carol Gallaher, Secretary





June 18, 2009



Month Beginning Cash Balance                                   $ 9,525.17


Income                                                                                            June          Year to Date     Budgeted

Stash for Cash (50/50)                                       $    18.50          $      136.50       $    300.00

Dues                                                                                              1040.00          2,200.00

Special Projects            (Opportunity Quilt)                                                                       1,200.00

Silent Auction                                                                                                          500.00

Special Events                                                                                                        500.00

Retreat                                                                                                        3342.50                    

Pin Sales                                                                                            30.00

T-Shirts                                                                                               98.00

Library                                                                      1.00                    10.50

Fons & Porter                                                                                   140.00                            

Rental of Standards                                                                          200.00

Misc (zipper pulls)                                                                               15.00               


Total Income                                                                             $    19.50         $     5012.50      $ 4,700.00




                        Programs                                                           $      85.47            $  243.98      $ 1,200.00

                        Membership                                                                                       176.06           300.00

                        Library                                                                                                                     100.00

                        Historian                                                                                                                 180.00

                        Hospitality                                                                 87.47              154.74                180.00

                        Newsletter/ Yearbook                                                  18.16              431.07                600.00

                        Special Projects (Opportunity Quilt)                           126.00                  483.27          400.00

                        Special Events                                                                                                     1,500.00

                        Community Projects                                                                                    10.67                   250.00

                        Pattern of the Month                                                                                                200.00

                        Rent                                                                           50.00             250.00             550.00

                        Administrative Expenses                                                                  198.99             200.00

                        Misc. Expenses                                                                    125.00             125.00             200.00

                        P.O. Box                                                                                                                  50.00

                        Fons & Porter                                                                                             105.00                   

                        Retreat                                                                                                         3486.88


                        Quilt Show (arena)                                                                               1191.00

                          Certificate of Deposit                                                                        5000.00


Total Expenses                                                                           $    492.10        $ 11,856.66      $ 5,910.00


Certificate of Deposit                                                                       $ 5000.00


Month Ending Cash Balance                                        $  9,052.57


Balance                                                                        $14,052.57




Millionaire Pie

(give one away)

From Lynne Taylor

1 can (14 oz.) Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk

1 can (20-oz.) crushed pineapple, drained

1 cup chopped pecans

6 Tbsp Fresh lemon juice

1 carton (16-oz.) Cool Whip, softened

2 (9-inch) graham cracker pie crusts


Mix together condensed milk, pineapple, pecans and lemon juice.  Then fold in Cool Whip.  Pour evenly into pie crusts.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.  This recipe makes two pies.


Lynn uses fresh lemon juice for the pie because she think it tastes better.   She brought one to the guild picnic in May.



Savory Vegetable Mini-Quiches

from Donna Irwin who received it from Pam Mungle

1 box (15 oz) refrigerated ready-to-bake pie crusts (2)

1/2 cup milk

2 eggs

1 garlic clove, pressed

1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

1/2 cup chopped fresh mushrooms

1 cup chopped zucchini

1/4 cup cooked chopped bacon or bacon bits

1/4 cup sliced green onions

Dash of ground pepper

1/4 tsp salt


Roll out the pie crusts on lightly floured surface and using a 3 inch biscuit cutter, cut 30 to 32 circles.

Press into mini-muffin pan using mini-tart shaper.

Whisk milk and eggs together.  Stir in vegetables and remaining ingredients.  Fill each muffin cup with approximately 1 Tbs of filling.  Bake at 375 degrees for 13 to 15 minutes or until puffed and lightly browned.  Cool in pans for 2 minutes, remove carefully.  Serve warm.


Quilt Shows and Other Area News
Find a quilt show: http://quickquilts.com/shows/

Gee’s Bend Quilts at Missouri History Museum

April 12 to September 13, 2009.  .  The Missouri History Museum is in Forest Park.  Please note, there is a lot of major road construction in St Louis and the detours change almost daily.


AlTENburg Museum—Apron Show

On display till September

http://www.altenburgmuseum.org/ Lutheran Heritage Center and
            Museum in Altenburg. 
Open daily from 10 am to 4 pm


Quilt Show

 Hometown Stitches at the Hickory Stick

September 11 & 12, 2009

Hannibal, MO

This inaugural event celebrates the fourth decade of the Hickory Stick.

These two days are jam-packed with exciting lectures & workshops about quilting & needlework techniques & textile history by nationally celebrated fabric designers, quilt designers & instructors.

Go to VisitHannibal.com    or




Quilters’ Meals Out for 2009

4th Monday of the month

*Please notice the times listed for each month.


July 27 - 5:30 pm - Ruby Tuesday


Aug. 24 - 5:30 pm - Outback Steakhouse


Sept. 28 - 5:30 pm – Applebee’s


Oct. 26 – 5:30 pm – Bella Italia


Nov. 23 - 1 pm - O’Charley’s


2009 Officers

President—Madeline Gieselman

Vice President—Nelda Steffen

Secretary—Carol Gallaher

Treasurer—Barb Miller

Historian—Pat Smith


2009 Committee Chairman

Audit—Glenda Nations

Community Projects—Nancy East

Hospitality— Darla Snider

Library—Deanna Easley

Membership—Mary Tripp

Yearbook—Sally Miller

Pattern of the Month—Vickie Howard

Quilt Show— Madeline Gieselman

Opportunity Quilt—Mary Green and Barbara Miller 

Newsletter/ Website—Linda Tansil

Publicity—Sally Miller

Senior Meal Delivery—Muriel LaMadrid

Special Events—Anastasia Gonzales


July 2009

*  indicates a birthday













*Betty Murray

Senior Meals:  Vickie & David Howard
*Cheryl Tuschhoff

*Maxine Michel
*Martha Short



 Community Projects



Senior Meals:

Vickie & David Howard






Guild Meeting,6:30 social time, 7:00 meeting time
*Saphrona Brewington


*Charlene Dodd


Senior Meals:
Muriel LaMadrid & Linda Tansil






Community Projects

*Phyllis Herbst


Senior Meals:
Vickie & David Howard

 *Patti Lessman



*Betty Phillips

 Quilters’ Dinner Out:  5:30 Ruby Tuesdays



Senior Meals:
Vickie & David Howard

 *Sally Miller




Cape Girardeau Senior Center Meal Delivery


July 2:  Vickie & David Howard

July 9: Vickie & David Howard

July 16:  Muriel LaMadrid & Linda Tansil
July 23:  Vickie & David Howard

July 30: Vickie & David Howard

Volunteers are needed for next month

            Contact Muriel La Madrid


Upcoming Guild Activities….


Guild Meeting:  

July 13

Quilters’ Dinner Out
5:30 pm July 27
Ruby Tuesdays



Quilt Show—2010

Theme:  Seasons


Please send all information to be published in the newsletter by the 20th of the previous month to Linda Tansil or email newsletter@riverquilters.org