River Heritage Quilters’ Guild        Quilt Chatter
Volume 21 Issue 10               www.riverquilters.org                   October 2009


 From Our President…

Hi Ladies, 

 What a wonderful meeting we had in September.  Ellen won the hearts of all, plus, her quilts were beautiful.  I know I went home ready to start one of the star patterns.  She emailed me after she got home, and was very touched with all of the emails she received from our members.  We definitely should have her back for a workshop.  I know our October meeting with Jane Kennedy is going to be just as good.  I am looking forward to it.

As I write this, I am getting ready for the MSQG retreat at Lake of the Ozarks.  I think there are seven of us going from RHQG.  I have only been once, several years ago, and had a wonderful time.  It will be fun to see some of the ladies I have met over the years as well as the classes, programs, show and tell, and just plain fun.  Muriel is going and it will be her first experience at a retreat.  I hope she likes it.

Meeting at the library is turning out to be a really good move.  We are having our Jane Kennedy workshop there, the morning after the October meeting.  The facility is great and they are so willing to accommodate us.  The process for getting rid of our own library books has met a couple of snags, but I hope to have it all ironed out by the October meeting and we can start some sort of process in November.  If there is a particular book you want, let Deanna know and we will hold it for you.  There will be a nominal charge. We also have the two cabinets that we are going to put up for silent auction.  We will do this in October.

How have you been doing getting your UFOs finished?  Believe it or not, the end of the year is right around the corner.  It will be Christmas and then 2010.  Quilt Show 2010.  Wow, where does the time go?  Im off to the retreat.  See you on October 12.


Print a membership form and return it with $20 to a meeting, or mail it in.  Sign up/renew your membership by February to be in the yearbook.


October Program...

 Guest:  Jane Kennedy will share ideas from her new book.


Fat Quarter:  Purple or Pink

Bring a orange or black fat quarter to the meeting and you will be entered to win a basket of Fat Quarters.


Opportunity Quilt (see photos)

Less than 6 weeks from the time you read this newsletter, we will be having our November meeting - the meeting that the drawing for the  2009 beautiful  opportunity quilt will be held.

We certainly thank each of our members who have taken tickets and helped sell them to friends, family, and co-workers.  If you have not taken any, we ask that you please consider doing so.  This project can bring in $2000 if we all work together by taking only $20 worth of tickets to sell.  We thoroughly enjoyed creating this lovely quilt and hope that one of our guild sisters can put it onto her personal bed. 


If you want any tickets, please feel free to call either Barb Miller (334-0231) or Mary Green (335-0656).   



Christ Our Saviour  Lutheran High School  Quilt ShoW
 Friday Oct 2, and Saturday Oct 3

                10 am to 3 pm both days

$5.00 admission includes soup, beverage

Sandwiches and desserts available for purchase.
The school is located on State Highway 3 in Evansville, ,behind St. Peter’s Lutheran Church.


A message from Darla Snider

At the September Quilt Guild meeting I announced that the Glenn House decorators are requesting about 10 quilts to decorate the upper hallway. They are requesting quilts with a Christmas theme and/or Christmas colors (red and green). Some of you had questions which I couldn't answer at the time. Since then I have talked with Bonnie Chaudoir who was the person requesting the quilts. Here is more information:


There is no alarm system at the Glenn House but there are security locks; a pass # is needed for access and would show who has entered the house.


The Glenn House is never open without at least 2 docents. If a big tour is coming, a docent is in each room.


No eating, drinking, or smoking is allowed in the Glenn House.


If you lend a quilt for this occasion, it will be covered by the Glenn House insurance. With your quilt please list your name, your guild name and location, the name of the quilt (if it has one) and the value. Please be sure to have an attached label.


The decorating of the Glenn House will begin the first Monday of November. Tours will start the week before Thanksgiving Day.


Please bring your quilts to me at the October or November Guild meeting or arrange for me to pick it up from you at an appointed time. I will remove the quilts from the Glenn House and return them to you at the end of their Christmas openings.


At the meeting the following people said they have quilts to lend: Joan Meyer, Priscilla Kirby, Mary K. Reed, Saphrona Brewington, and Jeannette Buchheit. If you volunteered and don't see your name listed, please let me know. Someone also said Vicki Howard probably had something but I haven't verified that with her. The Glenn House is hoping to have all quilt guilds in the area represented. I don't see Perryville or Sikeston represented in this list. If I have missed a guild, please let me know.


Some of you were not at the fabulous September meeting so if you have something to lend to the Glenn House, please contact Darla Snider. Only about 10 or 12 quilts are needed, but if I get more volunteered, I'll ask if they can be used, too.






RHQG Meeting Minutes


The September 14, 2009 meeting of the RHQG was called to order by President Madeline Geiselman at 6:45.

Minutes were approved as printed in the newsletter,  Joan Meyer, and seconded by Linda Tansil.


Treasurers report was approved as listed in the newsletter.

September birthdays:  Two were present and  received cupcakes and fat quarters.  


Quilters dinner out will be Sept. 28th.



Glenn House contacted the guild to inquire if we would be willing to display Christmas Quilts for their open house in Nov. and Dec.  Several have responded and if you are interested, please contact Darla Snider.


In November we will display Iron Quilters Challenge entries at the Cape Public Library.  There will also be a presentation by several of our members regarding quilting techniques.


There were 57 present tonight with one guest.


Winners tonight:

Fat quarter:  Cheral Benthal (17 fat quarters)

Name tag:  Martha Haertling

Stash for Cash:  Martha Short ( $19.00)

Attendance:  Brenda Stroer


Community projects committee reports all kits have been delivered to volunteers and are being finished. Thanks!


Opportunity quilt:  Members are encouraged to pick up tickets asap from Mary Green and Barb  Miller.  


Special Events:  Upcoming workshop is full and waiting list is available.  Looking forward to our next month meeting.



We were delightfully entertained by Quilt designer Ellen Replogle with her many quilts and fascinating  patterns.

From Lebanon, Mo., Ms. Ellen gave us an encouraging look of her many designs and held our attention with her many stories of how her patterns were inspired.  Her energetic spirit was an encouragement to us all, and her generosity of a free pattern to each attendee gave each of us a reason to get busy!!!  We sincerely enjoyed our visit with her, and appreciated all her hard work and obvious talent.


Show and Tell:

Seven displayers,  Darla Snider, Linda Tansil, Merle Deneke, Cindy Spaeth, Janet Bollinger, Madeline Geiselman,  and Priscilla Kirby.  


Respectfully submitted,


Carol Gallaher, Secretary.


New Address for Pam Mungle:  See your email about the October newsletter being available.   Personal addresses are not published online.  This will change again when she moves to the BAMC for her clinical experience.


 RUG CLASS:  Sherial Valencia will be teaching Rag Rug Basics at the Golden Needle/Sewing Basket, Saturday, October 17 at 10:00am. This is the rug that is made with the wooden needle. Several people have asked how to make these rugs, now is the chance to learn from this very knowledgeable teacher. For more information on this class and to see the sample contact the Sewing Basket.




For full details, see the free pattern at http://thecreativethimble.com/


No more paper or plastic bags for shopping!! Here is a pattern to get you going.  They sew up in about an hour for your first one and faster after that.  They're so fast to make, you will be making them for all your friends.


Requires 1 yd fabric for bag, four feet of  one inch webbing (or make your own straps for handles).  1 yd of 54 wide drapery fabric is enough for one bag with short handles.  .   If you are a new quilter, you could practice some new piecing skill on the outside fabric, or practice some hand or machine applique.   The grocery bag is lined, so you dont have to worry about the raw edges of a pieced block fraying.  


I have bought some of the reusable fabric grocery bags, and some of them are not very sturdy.   This bag is quick to make, and gives me pretty sacks to take along to the store.  Plus, it gives you a way to use some fabric that you bought and now think when will I ever use that?    


The Creative Thimble is also involved in the support of our troops.  You can help by making simple drawstring bags.  The free pattern is on their website.   You can read about the program at http://www.operationcarepackages.org/


Both these patterns are great for teaching someone how to sew.   They use simple rectangles, and easy construction techniques.  If you share the patterns with others, please copy the pattern as is from the website.  It may be free, but it still covered by a copyright.


If you are one of our members without a computer, let Linda Tansil know.   She can bring her laptop and show you all the patterns  mentioned in the newsletter.  




Free Diagonal Cut Backing Calculator and Instructions

From Darline (darline@multi-patch.com)

Have you ever wanted a different way to cut your backing?  The diagonal cut backing method is an interesting alternative.


At http://www.multi-patch.com/html/diagonal_backing_calculator.php you will find a calculator to determine the  desired length of fabric to cut.  Lay fabric wrong side up on floor.


Are you a beginner quilter???

Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to see the gorgeous quilts at Show and Tell, and to think you’re not at that level.   The guild is for everyone, be they show-winning quilters or first time quilters.


There are so many resources out there for you. Most quilt shops have classes.   Ask them what classes are best for a beginner.  There are quilt shops in Cape, Jackson, Sikeston, Fredericktown and more.  Some regular fabric shops may also have classes.    The Saturday Sampler program at a lot of stores gives you a chance to learn one block a month.  The Golden Needle is having  a Snowball Quilt class that is good choice.


If you are able to join the Community Quilters at Nancy East’s house you will  come away with  new idea.  Anyone can participate—no particular skill is needed.   They are very welcoming to those joining them, even if you can only go one time.   You can bring your lunch and stay all day, or just go for a few hours.  Plus it is so much fun to sew with others.  Give Nancy a call if you are interested.


2009 Officers

President—Madeline Gieselman

Vice President—Nelda Steffen

Secretary—Carol Gallaher

Treasurer—Barb Miller

Historian—Pat Smith



2009 Officers

President—Madeline Gieselman

Vice President—Nelda Steffen

Secretary—Carol Gallaher

Treasurer—Barb Miller

Historian—Pat Smith


2009 Committee Chairman

Audit—Glenda Nations

Community Projects—Nancy East

Hospitality— Darla Snider

Library—Deanna Easley

Membership—Mary Tripp

Yearbook—Sally Miller

Pattern of the Month—Vickie Howard

Quilt Show— Madeline Gieselman

Opportunity Quilt—Mary Green and Barbara Miller  

Newsletter/ Website—Linda Tansil

Publicity—Sally Miller

Senior Meal Delivery—Muriel LaMadrid

Special Events—Anastasia Gonzales


Upcoming Guild Activities….


Quilters’ Dinner Out

October  26  5:30 pm
Bella Italia


Guild Meeting

October 12

6:45 pm Cape Library


Quilt Show

September 25 and 26, 2010

Theme:  Seasons


Please send all information to be published in the newsletter in writing to Linda Tansil or email newsletter@riverquilters.org


 OCTOBER 2009   * indicates a birthday















*Pat Lester

*Cheral Benthal
*Lois Emerine
Community Projects

*Mary Lou Rutherford

* Vickie Howard

*Merle Deneke




*Kay Kenner



Guild Meeting,6:30 social time,
 6:45 meeting time


Jane Kennedy “Winter Trees” workshop

* Mary K. Reed

*Janet Bollinger





*Barb Miller
*Pat Smith


Community Projects



*Judy Peetz


*Nola Koch


* Elizabeth
*Darla Snider

5:30 pm

Bella Italia