Block of the Month 2018, designed by our own Karla Kiefner
River Heritage Block-of-the-Month Mystery Quilt will feature eight traditionally-pieced blocks and one pieced/appliqued block, in a lovely setting which will finish at 66 x 66 inches. Most of the quilt blocks have a common river-life theme and a couple of them have regional and local references. This will be a nice quilt for gifting to a loved one (you’ll see why when we get to that block) or to have as a keepsake. Block patterns will be posted monthly at You can register for the blog to get the posts sent to your email automatically each month or you can go to the blog itself and scroll down to the month you want. Links will be on our guild Pinterest page and will be posted to the RHQG Facebook page. Be sure to read the Introduction post for more information.

 Thank you, Karla, for your gift of time and talent!

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