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Originally Organized by Vicki Howard

Instructions for Cool Collars

Use only 100% cotton fabrics

There is no active effort to make these for soldiers.   Let  the guild know if you know of a need.
medium to dark prints of browns, greens, or blues (nothing pale, no camouflage)
  1. Fabric and 2 tsp gel beads (sold as Soil Moist at garden centers)
  2. Cut one strip of fabric 5 inches wide from the width of fabric that is 45 inches wide (or close to that wide)
  3. If your fabric seems too bright, turn it inside out. We don't want our soldier to stand out in his bright green collar.
  4. Fold the fabric right sides together the width of the strip. The fabric should now be 2 1/2 inches by 45 inches.
  5. Sew long edges with a 1/2 seam.
  6. Move seam to the center, then sew across one short edge.
  7. Turn the tube right side out. (You can use a ruler to push the corners out.) Iron the tube flat
  8. Fold the tube in half lengthwise, then fold in half lengthwise again. Press. Unfold the tube.
  9. With the sewn shut end on your left, the vertical dotted lines below represent your pressed fold lines.
  10. Follow the steps in ORDER so you do not have to rip out.
    Sew the first vertical line nearest the sewn shut end first.
  11. Add ONE teaspoon of gel beads to the inside of the tube and shake them down to where they belong. (Too much will make them ooze out)
  12. Sew the next fold
  13. Add ONE teaspoon of gel beads to the inside of the tube and shake them down.
  14. Sew the next fold.
  15. Fold under the raw edges at the end of the tube and sew the end closed.
Do not get the crystals wet. They are much easier to ship when dry, and might mold if damp. Directions on how to use a Cool Collar: Do not do this to the ones you make to send. If you send a cool collar to someone you know, you may want to tell your soldier how to use it if .

Here's a link to an organization sewing for Iraq:
Sewing dresses for Iraqi girls, and cool collars for soldiers