Iron Quilters August 3, 2009

Hello All you Quilters! It's that time again.........IRON QUILTERS TIME!!

This next one will be out of home only, no class at the Golden Needle (due to circumstances of my own). Thanks for understanding. This is getting more and more exciting for me, because I just can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! I really did want to make you a sample of my own idea to post up, but I RAN.....out of time.

We have had some exciting news delivered to me from our President..... she has informed me that the Library would like to display our Iron Quilters quilts in November! I think this is a wonderful exciting idea! We could really turn some heads with our beautiful talents. I am hoping this month to get the most entries I am giving you a few extra least one!

Maximum Size this month is NO bigger than 15" x 15".... think a little smaller! it is! The Theme is BLACK, WHITE, and RED House/Houses/ or building of your choice. BARNS....SKY SCRAPERS.... whatever you like!

Use the three colors in the House, and any other colors can be added to your backgrounds... or you can make the whole thing Black, White and Red as long as your structure is made of Black, White and Red. The secret ingredient.... which must be used! Is.....WORDS, lyrics/ poems/lines/ basically anything that speaks for your creation.

For instance...."Home Is Where The Heart Is" or "A House Is Not a Home Without A Cat", or "Our House Is A Very Very Very Fine House", or just....."Home" use one of these, or pick your own favorite. You get it? Write it, embroider it, paint it, stamp it, bead it, scrabble it, whatever it takes! OK! GO!

By the way....I told Betty Phillips if we got at least 15 entries this time that John and I would come to a meeting this fall and play a couple songs for you! Now Betty....that doesn't mean you do 5, and Caroline does 5, to try to push that number! 15 individual ones! That's the deal! Maybe this will work, maybe not, It's worth a try.

Happy Quilting to you all,