Pillowcases for Children in the Hospital

Ongoing Project

Turn your pillowcases into Darla Snider if you make them on your own.The pillowcases made will be split between the St. Louis Children's Hospitals and Southeast Hospital
See Darla Snider or Linda Tansil if you have questions.

Supplies needed

You can print out the directions.
The directions are have notes where you can by less fabric and cut slightly larger -- orignal pattern fromMillion Pillowcase Project ).

You provide your own fabric, bring your machine and basic sewing supplies. Don't forget 4 pins.

Ironing stations and cutting stations are provided.

You will need 3/4 yd. for the body of the pillow and 1/3 yard for the border.

Cheerful 100% cotton fabric or cotton flannel only. Think sports, bugs,  horses, dolls, toys, etc. Southeast Hospital requested the fabric should be appropriate for kids 12 and under. The St. Louis Hospitals need fabrics for young children and for teens.  

Please wash your fabric before coming.  Go ahead and cut it following the directions at the website, if you wish. That will just speed up the session.
First Pillowcase Day, October 16, 2010 at the Golden  Needle/ Sewing Basket
Article about the first Pillowcase Day from the Southeast Missourian
Photos from that first day
The Thank you note from the ConKerr Cancer program

Pillowcase Day, November 20, 2010 at the Golden  Needle/ Sewing Basket
14 pillowcases were made by Joan Meyer, Pat Smith, Joyce Holloway, and Darla Snider, with more to be finished.

Christmas Meeting, December 13, 2010
67 pillowcases were made by Vickie Howard, Madeline Gieselman, Joan Meyer and her daughter Wendy O'Neal and others

Thanks to drivers who have delivered pillowcases to St. Louis for the guild:  Andy Tansil, John Hartline