Quilts of Valor
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FINISHED quilts are needed the month before the meeting where they are presented (not set yet for 2017).
You can always keep working for next year's presentation.

RHQG's Specifications for a Quilt of Valor 

List of Veterans RHQG has honored

Guild form to present on or before June meeting

A Free Pattern for Pathway of Valor from Kevin Huffman you could use for your Quilt of Valor (but other patterns are fine, too)
(see a Picture of a Pathway of Valor quilt made by our own Chris Ludwig)

The pattern for the quilt at the bottom of the page is free on Quilters' Cache

Free patterns from the Quilts of Valor website
Here are some patriotic patterns from Pinterest for inspiration. (feel free to suggest more pins)

Contact Donna Irwin, Karla Kiefner, or Mary Green if you still have questions

Quilts of Valor website if you want to read more about the program

 Quilts of Valor presentation from 2014 and the 2015 (Southeast Missourian article)