Quilts of Valor
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Presentation by River Heritage Quilt Guild

All quilts must abide by the guidelines of the Quilts of Valor Foundation and the River Heritage Quilt Guild respectively, to be eligible for registration and presentation as a Quilt of Valor.

Any individual or groups, members or nonmembers of RHQG can make a qualifying Quilt of Valor (QOV) to be presented at the designated RHQG meeting as scheduled by the presiding board. Recipient need not be present, but must have representation at the meeting, if possible.

A free QOV label will be given to each person presenting a qualifying QOV top by the June meeting by a project member which must be applied to the quilt for presentation.

  1. The quilts must be made of 100% cotton, adult appropriate fabric. NO metallic fabrics are allowed on a QOV.

  2. The minimum completed size allowed is 55 by 65 inches. The maximum size is 72 by 90 inches. The recommended size is 60 by 80 inches.

  3. Backing should be 100% cotton. No sheets are allowed. The backing must be 6 inches wider and longer than the top.

  4. The batting should be a low-loft quality batting (Cotton, 80/20 or ply from Pellon, Warm Company, Quilter's Dream or Hobb)

  5. Binding should be double-fold, straight, or bias cut, and joined with diagonal piecing. Apply binding to the front of the quilt by machine, then turn the binding to the back and hand stitch. No machine turned bindings allowed.

  6. Some recommended patterns are available on the RHQG Quilt of Valor page or you may choose from designs on the QOV organization's pattern page, Pinterest, or any appropriate pattern of your choice or you may design your own pattern. No rag quilts or flag replicas are allowed.

  7. Quilting should be hand (5 to 7 stitches per inch) or machine (8 to 12 stitches per inch), uniform size, free hand, pantograph, or computer-guided patriotic or general designs. No tied, only stitched in the ditch, or giant meandering quilting is allowed.

  8. The label is supplied by RHQG after the form is turned in and the quilt top is approved (by the June meeting of the presenting year) and should be sewn to the quilt back. (If applying label prior to quilting, check with your quilter for their guidelines regarding the placement of the label.)

  9. Wash the quilt prior to presentation, using Color Catchers. Avoid scented products. Do not present a quilt covered in pet hair or smelling of tobacco smoke.

  10. Make a matching pillowcase for your veteran's quilt.

  11. Write a personal note of appreciation for your veteran and include it with the completed quilt and pillowcase for presentation.

  12. Contact appropriate guild member by June 30th to confirm that your quilt is prepared and ready to present at the July meeting (2nd Monday).

  13. Register the quilt prior to presentation by following the directions on the Quilt of Valor website.

Return the completed form to project member by the June meeting. You will fill out both the guild's paper form AND the Quilt of Valor web form.